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Welcome to Noniusers.com - The Number one web site with training and business tools related to Tahitian Noni and created by Floyd Holdman of the Evergreen Team.

Here on Noniusers.com you can have your own personalized web site like this one and access hours of training materials, conference calls, power point presenations, webinars, and much much more for only $9.95 a Month. Sign Up Now or Click Here to take the tour!

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Simply click and send to your prospect one of many high-end online presentations.
    View the many presentations available.

  • No one presentation fits everyone. Now you can choose the presentation that is the best fit for your prospect.

  • Invite prospects with a custom email to view your online presentations.

  • Send unlimited presentations world-wide to your prospects using the internet.

  • Presentation Notifier - Receive notification via email when your prospect views the presentation.

  • A notification data base allows you to see who you have sent presentations to, when they have viewed it and how many times.

  • Not only can you send a presenation, but you can send ANY web page on the internet and be notified when your contact views it.
No longer do you need to work at the pace of the US mail. Building your business is now much faster and easier because now you know when your prospect has watched the presentation that you sent to them. The guessing game is over!

  • Personalized web site

  • Your image, contact information and your own personal message will welcome those who visit your web site.

  • Your own voice on the front page welcoming your visitors.

  • You can customize your web site address with your own name or business name to make it even more personal.

  • Visit www.noniusers.com/demo for an example.

Having your own professional designed customized web site gives you credibility and an edge over the competition.

  • Allows your prospect to browse all the TNI products.

  • Allows your prospect to purchase product from TNI via your ID number.

  • Allows your prospect to sign up as a distributor with you as their sponsor.

  • If you have a TNI web site a prospect can also browse the complete TNI web site via your customized noniusers site with you listed as host.

Never miss those sales again or have your prospect given away to someone else. Your ID number will always be used as the referring IPC.

  • Personal stories of noni millionaires (audio and written).

  • The “Perfect Home Business” success stories.

  • “One of a Kind” presentations that will stimulate your prospect to want to know more.

  • “Press Room” link to all the athletes using TNI products.

  • The “Noni Story” with John Wadsworth and Stephen Story.

  • New “Inspirational Photo” each month that can be downloaded to your computer.

  • Webinars and Recorded Training Calls.

  • “Catch the Updraft” training with Floyd Holdman: 6 one hour on-line audio recordings recorded live at TNI training sessions around the world. Learn from the best. Floyd and Ann Holdman have over 100,000 IPC’s in 77 countries doing annual sales of over $100 million dollars. Floyd and Ann are also Club Marquises members.

  • Download the “Catch the Updraft” manual.

  • Much, much more support material to help you successfully build your TNI business.

Take the guess work out of building your TNI business. Use the tools many successful TNI leaders have used to reach financial independence.

The Complete Noniusers Business Building System

Only $9.95 month
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